Age-Appropriate Technology For Kids

Technology Is Everywhere

In this modern times, we are all witnesses as to how fast technology is booming. Our lives are mostly affected by the technology of different forms. It would be safe to say that most people living in present times are in one way or another, dependent on technology. But first, let us know what technology means. Technology is mostly defined as the knowledge of techniques, processes and the likes or simply put, this is the application of scientific studies. The bottom line about technology is that its main purpose is to promote ease, comfort, and advancement of living.

When we speak of technology, the first to come to our mind is that it’s the adults that benefit or use it. But this is no longer the case today. We have seen just how kids have also been influenced by different forms of technological advancement. This is because the use of a lot of modern gadgets that are produced by industries is not a rocket science. As an example, it is no longer surprising to see kids as young as 3 years old find ease in the usage of computers and other products of technology. Now comes the question, should we tolerate kids to its use? Does it do them good or does it harm them?

Should A Child Be Exposed To Technology?

According to experts, the exposure of kids to various technologies have quite a complex effect on the kids. While a child should not be overly exposed to it, he should neither be deprived. With this in mind, a parent who wishes to know if whether or not his/her kid would benefit from technology is to limit a child’s exposure to technology and make certain it is appropriate for their age. Now, what are these age-appropriate technologies that your child can enjoy?

The Push-Button Technology Stage

If your child is aged 0-12 months, then button pusher technology is what is suitable for them. Button-pusher or electronic toys are ‘modern-day rattles’ for babies. However, should you give your baby electronic devices such as smartphones, it would be wise to turn it to flight mode so to disable it from channeling electromagnetic waves. While there are no studies yet that concludes there is a negative effect of such level of electromagnetic waves, since babies’ skull are thinner, it would be best to practice precaution.

Tech Habits Mimicry

As your child reaches two years old, he enters into the stage of high-tech mimicry. Your child will now begin to practice your technology habits. Without you knowing, your child is keenly observing your habits and will then mimic them. So be watchful with your technology routines as is going to be the days your child will learn to copy your tech habits.

Appropriate Apps

At 2 to 3 years old, your child now becomes keen on the use of applications from your smartphones. While this behavior surprises many parents, this is actually a part of their development. What should a parent watch out for during this stage? Take advantage of this stage by introducing apps that will promote cognitive milestone for your child such as puzzle apps.

Supervising The Use of Technology

What every parent should remember when allowing their children to the use of technology is to constantly supervise them during these ages. The word is supervision. This is the most crucial stages of a child’s life when it comes to exposure to our modern-day technology and so they will need all the guidance they can get from their guardians.


Author: Blake Beach