The Good There Is In Industrialization

Industrialization is defined as the large-scale manufacturing of goods and services, which is also the application of advanced technical enterprises, and other productive economic activities in a community. Due to massive industrialization occurring in a lot of countries around the world, industrial activities are often blamed as the reason for the deterioration of many facets of life and living such as the environment, human health, and social justice. There is indeed some truths to this came. However, we cannot deny that industrialization is a necessary evil in this modern times especially that humans can no longer live without the comforts brought by industrialization. If we examine closely, the products of industrialization have actually afforded human a lot of better opportunities in many aspects of life.

And so undeniably, there are also the good effects of industrial activities that started since the first and second industrial revolution in mid-18th to 19th centuries and we should reckon its positive effects in modern-day living.  To cite an example, we all bore witness to the improvement in transportation and communication that we enjoy today which is one of the products of industrial activities then and even continuing on to these days. Without industrialization, we would not have enjoyed the comfort of automobiles to take us from point A to B, or the convenience of faster two-way communication. And with the advancement in both, our needs are now easily furnished which allows us to save time and energy.

Aside from the lightning speed of mass transportation and communication, we have also seen an increase in the quality of products that abound the market. Because there are now more facilities and equipment to test the quality of produced goods, we are seeing brands become more and more durable as years go by. That these goods pass through modern industrial standards under efficient production, we now have more choices of superior quality products.

But the positive effects of industrial activities do not limit to transportation, communication and product quality. It also promotes job opportunities and gives people the chance to earn for a living.  In highly industrialized cities where factories abound, there are more jobs made available for the people. Thus, we have seen an influx of people from the rural areas to urban communities. This movement will also result to a high economic activity within the area which also results to increase in buying capacity, which can lead to human satisfaction and the improvement of the quality of living.

Without industrialization, we would be back to the time when everything is made by the hands in a laggard manner. Service and goods providers would have to work double and tediously to cope with a huge demand in the community that would almost be impossible to suffice if human labor would not aided by machines and tools that we have today.  We would also be having hard time travelling from one place to another since without the cars that are productive of industrialization, then when have to walk to our destination which can be very exhausting. For these reasons, there is no denying that indeed industrial activities also impacts our life positively and should therefore be maintained, albeit while practicing precautions as well in order to also mitigate the adverse impact of incessant industrial activities around the world.


Author: Blake Beach